Anybody for a plate of mac and cheese? I knew it, everybody!!! And maybe two servings after you try this recipe. After trying numerous complicated and not so tasty recipes I almost gave up on the idea of making my own mac and cheese. And, than I took a cooking class for American cooking and I was the happiest person. The chef made the simplest and the tastiest cheese sauce that even my sister can make!!!
Only two ingredients: 1quart heavy cream, 2 pounds cheese plus salt and pepper for taste.
The best part next to the taste is that you get a pretty big amount of sauce and you can keep it in the fridge for 2-3 weeks and next time you want mac and cheese all you need to do is to boil some pasta!

First put the cream in a sauce pan and reduce almost half on slow heat, stirring frequently (the texture is smoother if you keep stirring). It takes around 20 minutes for the cream to be reduced.
Add 2 pounds shredded mild cheddar cheese. You can mix 1 pound cheddar and 1 pound pepper jack, it gives it a nice kick. I like it, but the kids like it more with only cheddar!
Cook until the cheese is all melted, 5-7 min. Towards the end add salt and pepper.
While you are making the sauce you can cook the pasta according the instruction on the package.
I found this animal shaped pasta at our local grocery store. My kids are crazy about the different shapes, we like playing “guess the animal” during meal times!
Mix the pasta and a few spoons of the sauce; it’s up to you for the quantity of the sauce.
The left over sauce stores well in the fridge. Here I made half of the doze and I had enough for 2 more times.
Add some vegetables and apple sauce (the recipe for the apple sauce can be found in the previous posts) and the kids will happy and full.
Bon Appetit!