1. Amazed

    I sent my son to Toddler Town from the age of two until he graduated. While he was there, I was amazed at the love and care that he received, and also by how much he grew (physically and emotionally) and how much he learned! It is difficult to leave your child and go back to work, but at Toddler Town, I wasn't leaving my son with strangers, it really felt like he was with family. Thank you, Toddle…Read More

  2. Thankful & Grateful

    Isabella was been attending Toddler Town since 2010 as a very active 3 year old afraid of being away from home, as I look back with my heart also aching, I notice how the staff held and conformed her, it was a relief to feel that she was going to be safe. As the days and months have gone by; Isabella still a very active child that now has grown into a happy, confidante and ready to be first grader…Read More

    Joel & Yessenia
  3. Involved and Empathetic

    When I am asked where my five-year-old son attends preschool, I proudly tell people that he attends Toddler Town here in Chicago. The staff has been so crucial in helping his development that I cannot recommend it enough. My son has had a wonderful learning experience from simple socialization skills across a diverse group of students to more complex skills in math, reading, and writing. Music, ar…Read More

    Colleen Retana
  4. Wonderful Job

    I remember the first day my son, Isaac and I went to Toddler Town. It was a sunny day and there... was Angelo Nikolov sitting across from us with such a sincere smile with all of the information needed, and open arms welcoming us. I'd stayed at home with Isaac for the first three years of his life. And I was pessimistic about leaving him with anyone else. I never thought I would need the help of a…Read More

    Farah & Isaac
  5. Tight Ship

    As a parent it goes without saying that I care about providing my child the best possible environment to learn and grow. Truth is my wife and I tend to be a bit overprotective and particular about our child. So we looked into a variety of options that would meet our high standards. Toddler Town has met and exceeded our expectations. From a clean and safe learning environment to field trips that ke…Read More

  6. So Glad We Found Them

    To Parents out there trying to decide if Toddler Town is Right for you: Hi! I have been a Toddler Town parent since July of 2009. My daughter, now six went through the rooms and I started my now three year old just as soon as she turned two. Here is the impressive thing about Toddler Town. Quality. The quality of attention your child will receive is stellar. The quality of lesson plans and age-app…Read More

    Sara M.
  7. Tremendous Strides

    My name is Pauline Abron. I was a parent of Toddler Town Daycare from 1998 until 2001. In that time span, I have seen Angelo Nikolov and the center itself improve drastically. When my two year old daughter first started, I was nervous to leave her at the school. The reason being is a couple of the teachers there at the time did not have much control over the classrooms. As a parent, the first thin…Read More

    Pauline A.
  8. Excellent Childhood Educators

    May this communiqué find you in the best of health and spirit. My name is Michael James, Lecturer Professor, Chicago State University and the NAACP Religious Affairs Chair-Southside. I am also the grandfather of Azalea Drew and the father of your client, Sariese James. Therewith, the purpose of this communiqué is to commend the spirit of teaching excellence in two members of your staff at Toddle…Read More

    Dr. Michael James
  9. Thank You

    Dear Toddler Town Staff – Thank you. Two simple words, thank you, but they mean so much. How can we say thank you for taking care of both of our children for the past 7 years. All of you were there to take my children into your arms while I rushed off to work, you comforted them when they cried, you feed them, made sure they got their naps, played with them and taught them how to be caring and r…Read More

    Natasha Peric

    THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!! I HIGHLY recommend Toddler Town Daycare & Toddler Town Daycare Too to ANYONE looking for a preschool for their toddlers! My son has only been there less than a month and I have already seen a SIGNIFICANT difference in his growth and development! He seems to be very settled and wants to go to school everyday now! He is also learning Spanish! The teachers are ABSOLUTELY A…Read More

    Jasmine L.