Wonderful Job

I remember the first day my son, Isaac and I went to Toddler Town. It was a sunny day and there… was Angelo Nikolov sitting across from us with such a sincere smile with all of the information needed, and open arms welcoming us. I’d stayed at home with Isaac for the first three years of his life. And I was pessimistic about leaving him with anyone else.

I never thought I would need the help of a day care but the reality was…. and there we were. When life’s sudden change appeared I was grateful for everything Toddler Town had and has to offer. Toddler Town provides the love and care that children deserves, and gives me the peace of mind knowing my son is being loved, and he is safe and secure.

Besides the warmth of the staff, the Teachers are the best by providing personal and individual attention to each child. I feel very comfortable to leave my son, and from observation I can honestly say as a parent, I and the other parents are blessed to be able to leave their children in the safety of Toddler Town to learn indoor and outdoor. The activities are so fun and the techniques only professionals can offer. I appreciate the set up and the basics of teaching children how to learn and to interact with other children of the same age group. The teachers have done a wonderful job teaching him his letters, numbers & also important social & behavior skills. Watching my child grow so progressively mentally and physically while having such a wonderful time. I cannot thank Angelo, The Teachers (his family) and Toddler Town enough for the love and care they have provide my son. I know how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful place for my child to be.

Thank you so much. You all have truly done a wonderful job. I have and will continue to recommend Toddler Town.

Farah & Isaac