So Glad We Found Them

To Parents out there trying to decide if Toddler Town is Right for you:

Hi! I have been a Toddler Town parent since July of 2009. My daughter, now six went through the rooms and I started my now three year old just as soon as she turned two. Here is the impressive thing about Toddler Town. Quality. The quality of attention your child will receive is stellar. The quality of lesson plans and age-appropriate activities is fantastic. Every teacher I have worked with has been a good listener to parents and a loving teacher to my children. They know the children well, pay attention to their routines and moods and look out for them. They want your children to succeed and encourage them to thrive.

We looked at a lot of places, and we settled on Toddler Town because not only was it affordable, but the quality was high. My kids are the best thing that ever happened to me. Toddler Town has been there for us every time we needed them. From understanding and helping my child through the death of a grandparent – to soothing my own anxieties – to planning well-articulated activities at all age levels. Toddler Town is part of the success of our working family, and we are so glad we found them.

Sara M.