Excellent Childhood Educators

May this communiqué find you in the best of health and spirit. My name is Michael James, Lecturer Professor, Chicago State University and the NAACP Religious Affairs Chair-Southside. I am also the grandfather of Azalea Drew and the father of your client, Sariese James. Therewith, the purpose of this communiqué is to commend the spirit of teaching excellence in two members of your staff at Toddler Town, Ms. Alex and her assistant, Ms. Tammie.

As an educator myself (teacher for 12 years in the Chicago Public Schools and Charter Schools) I am acutely aware of the stages of early childhood development. In juxtaposition, as a Mentor Teacher and Certified Special Education Case Manager I’m experienced at identifying a nourishing, safe classroom environment-conducive for growth and learning. Respectively, I have quietly and in a most non judgmental manner observed these attributes in Azalea’s classroom.

I find both employees to be compassionate, well trained educators who have established an excellent learning environment for all children under their perspective care. Furthermore, both the parents and students are warmly welcomed each morning and I have observed that the children feel 100% safe while simultaneously effective teaching strategies (including differentiated instruction) are implemented to maximize learning for all students.

I have personally watched Azalea (I call her Sparkle from birth) grow and learn tremendously (both in confidence and maturity) and she look forward (with an innocent unsolicited enthusiasm) to seeing her teachers and classmates. There is no doubt in my mind that the “Ethic of Care” and “Utilitarianism” [the greatest good for all children] is being implemented by these two excellent early childhood educators.

In closing, it is my unequivocal belief that my daughter, Sariese instinctively selected the best daycare in Evanston (or Chicago for that matter) to place her daughter in. Each day I rest in my spirit knowing that she is receiving the best quality care money can buy. Without reservations I attest and support the hypothesis that Ms. Alex and Ms. Tammie are two of the best early childhood educators I have encountered both as a parent and educator.

Dr. Michael James