1. Starting Preschool Tips

    Do you remember starting preschool? Maybe, maybe not. Do you remember the first time that you were really nervous about starting a new school year? Sure you do. The anxiety is sometimes and unfortunately the most memorable part. There is something about nerves that imprints upon your psyche. For a little one starting preschool, there can be a lot of nerves. In many cases, the first day of prescho…Read More

  2. Understanding Student Teacher Ratio

    One of the best indicators of a quality childcare provider is a good student-teacher ratio. The student teacher ratio is simply the number of teachers or childcare professionals on hand at any given time in a childcare, preschool or daycare setting in relation to the number of kids. For example, a preschool class of 20 children and 2 teachers has a student teacher ratio of 10:1. This means one tea…Read More

  3. The Benefits of Learning Games for Preschoolers

    When thinking about education and learning, few adults and parents think of fun and engaging learning games. Having been brought up in the classroom at a time when the three R’s were stressed – Reading, wRiting, and aRithmatic – new parents still associate learning with long hours staring at books and scribbling numbers. But new research and theories of education have begun to uncover that l…Read More