Preschool Evanston IL for 4 Year Olds
Evanston 4 Year Old Classroom

In the four year old classroom we are called the Butterflies, where children experience learning in a variety of ways.

In our classroom, we use a very hands on approach to learning through play. All of our classroom materials promote development in all domains (physical, emotional, social, and cognitive).

On a daily basis we practice producing letter sounds, and test their knowledge for identifying letters and letter association. Through the use of music, visuals, educational videos, books, and even dance, we focus on language and phonics.

During large group activities, we count and learn to speak in different languages. Math and science are also fundamental in our class. Our classroom has an area just for math and science where children can explore learning about animals, shapes, nature, problem solving, classification, and more.

Preschool Evanston IL for 4 Year Olds
Our Butterflies Classroom

In the Butterflies classroom, we work daily with writing our names (first, middle, and last names). Near our library, we have a library sign in board which gives children opportunities and incentive to practice writing their names.

Take home activities are sent home in each child’s individual folder to promote family involvement by enhancing their education beyond the classroom. In addition to this, each week, our classroom discusses a new lesson related to current events.

In each lesson, music, physical activity, language, socio-dramatic play, problem solving, math, and science may be incorporated to challenge and reach children with unique learning styles.

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