Preschool Chicago IL for 4 Year Olds
Chicago 4 year old Classroom

In the Bears classroom, throughout the year, we review the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors.

We also review positions, opposites sequencing and rhyming. With the alphabet, the children use their imagination to create projects based on the topics we discuss that week.

They use story dictation to recreate the story in their own words and discuss the main characters. We review our numbers by practicing counting through games and projects, using a variety of collage materials as well as items from class for games.

As with positions, opposites, rhyming and sequencing the children use pictures to identify these. This is also done through games and projects with items from within our class.

Preschool Chicago IL for 4 Year Olds
The Bears Classroom

Skilled teachers help the children explore science through differences in temperature, length, width and properties.

We also discuss the four seasons throughout the school year and the changes that are presented with each. The children use natural items to create artwork, which also involves sensory exploration, imagination and fine motor skills.

For sensory play, sand and water are used and in the winter snow is switched for a different experience. Also, leaves and dirt are used along with other materials from class to enhance sensory exploration.

Outdoors, the children enjoy gross motor actives on a climber, soccer, and riding bikes, as well as testing out their balancing, throwing and jumping skills. Block building and art are also available for those who enjoy creating outdoors.

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