Pre Kindergarten Chicago IL
Chicago Kindergarten Prep Classroom

The kindergarten prep classroom at Toddler Town in Chicago welcomes new and exciting adventures every day!

In our classroom we do things a little differently than the other classes in our center. The Koalas class consists of the oldest children in the center and therefore prepares them for their next educational experience.

As part of our kindergarten preparation based curriculum, we start off the year by ensuring that all children are fluent in their knowledge of basic skills such as alphabet and number recognition, name writing, counting, and some positive social skills.

As the months pass by and the children are more fluent in their basic skills we begin introducing more complex skills. The set of Dolch Words are introduced to the children in sets of 5.

Pre Kindergarten Chicago IL
Chicago Koalas Classroom

Beginning math facts are also introduced around this time. In addition to math and reading, we also introduce lots of science and social studies to the children.

We discuss and learn about Black History Month, Holidays Around the World, Space, The Oceans, and the Weather to name just a few.

The interests of the children are taken into consideration when planning throughout the year. Therefore, if the children seem to be highly interested in a certain topic/theme we expand on it longer.

It is with great expectations that by the end of the year in our kindergarten prep classroom, the children are ready and empowered to begin the next adventure of 1st grade!

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