We have an “Open Door” policy at Toddler Town Daycare

Parents may visit their children in our facilities any time they wish. We do ask parents who plan to visit their children frequently to follow the classroom routine, to avoid disturbing classroom schedules and activities. If you wish to meet with the Director or a staff member, please make an appointment so that arrangements can be made.

Toddler Town appreciates parents’ valuable input on the care of their children, and encourages parent participation. Parents can visit as much or as little as their schedules (and children) will allow. We also invite grandparents to come and visit and read a story to the class. If you are going to have a grandparent visit us, please let your child’s teacher know so that we can expect them.

What parents can do at the center … (Just a Few Suggestions)

  • Share your skills—play an instrument, tell a story, share your cultural traditions.
  • Make an appointment to discuss your child. Childcare staff are happy to discuss your child, but pick-up & drop-off times are the busiest times for staff.
  • Communicate with staff about any big changes in your child’s life; changes in family circumstances, moving to a new house, death of grandparent etc.
  • Donate and recycle materials for arts and crafts.
  • Help with outings if you can—this is a good way to share experiences with your child.
  • Try to attend whatever celebrations, open-evenings, fundraisers etc. that are organized throughout the year.
  • Be part of the management committee. Get involved in developing policies and procedures for your child-care service.
  • Offer to repair toys or books at home.

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