At Toddler Town Daycare Center we are committed to the professional care and development of your child. We understand that it takes a partnership with your family to best support your child’s experience of life. We also know that families can face many challenges and we are equally committed to be as helpful to your family as we can.

Our Commitment Takes Many Forms

Perhaps our greatest contribution is being able to suggest some of the many community resources available to help families in need. The management and staff of Toddler Town are involved in our community and aware of the local web of services available to parents.

There are agencies that help with counseling during divorce or a death in the family. There are resources for people who have lost their jobs. There are non-profit organizations and government agencies to help with food, clothing, school supplies, and other life needs.

Our community has many resources to meet a whole range of challenges. Knowing where to go to get the help you need is an important first step to overcoming the inevitable challenges of life.

One specific way Toddler Town can be of help is when a parent becomes unemployed. We are glad to have you come to the Center and use our computer and a desk to prepare resumes or communicate during your job search.

When Financial Challenges Arise

Another way Toddler Town can help is connecting parents facing financial hardships with sources of financial support to keep their children in daycare. Our website connects you to resources like to the Illinois Action for Children website. This state program provides financial assistance based on need.

To determine if you meet the requirements of the program, the online application will ask questions about income, marital status, number of persons in the household, employment status, education and whether you’re going to school or not. You’ll quickly know if you qualify for the program.

If you’re a resident of Evanston, your child may qualify for a scholarship through the Childcare Network of Evanston.

Let Us Help

At the end of the day, the greatest help we at Toddler Town Daycare Center can be is to be understanding and supportive of your child during hard times at home. Please let us know when there are upsets at home that might affect your child. They may turn to us to share them, and we will be our best if we are aware and prepared.

We can also let you know if your child is exhibiting unusual behaviors at daycare so you can discuss them at home. There are times when your child will need us both to be understanding and supportive. We at Toddler Town Daycare Center are happy to do our part.

Contact our Toddler Town Daycare Center in Evanston at (847) 475-1467,
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Contact our Toddler Town Daycare Too location in Chicago at (773) 622-9433,
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