Kindergarten Evanston IL
Evanston 5 & 6 Year Old Classroom

In the Sharks classroom, we aim to prepare our students for Kindergarten while continuing to provide them the flexibility and freedom to actively pursue their own interests through play.

When kids first arrive, they spend a few minutes drawing in their journal or practice writing their name, letters, and/or numbers. At morning circle time, we often engage the children in activities and games that exercise their language, memory, and math skills.

Some of our activities include talking about what we did over the weekend, counting in multiple languages, learning new songs and dances, and exploring letter-sound connections.

This kind of structured learning time is off-set with substantial periods of free play both indoors and outside. During this time, the children are free to engage with the many materials that we keep available to them and to engage in self-directed play with one another. Often during this time, we set up optional activities for them to choose; we often provide materials for art projects or science experiments.

Kindergarten Evanston IL
Our Sharks Classroom

Much of what we plan for the children is based around a weekly theme. This theme is a way for us to engage the children in coming to understand their own world more deeply and the larger world of which they are a part of.

The art and science projects are typically related to our weekly theme. Themes are often related to jobs people have, animals, or holidays/celebrations.

And depending on that theme, we help the kids create books, hats, animals, and other things from the art supplies and to experiment with water, sand, and other materials!

We use these themes to give the children a better understanding of their own world, but also to make them aware of other cultures. The afternoon story time is typically an opportunity to share stories with them that will either enhance their understanding of the people in their own lives or show them an example of someone or something that they may not be familiar with.

At Toddler Town, we encourage children to pursue areas of interest to them as well as things that will challenge them in new ways! We do this in the development of our weekly themes, and in the way that we engage with the kids during their free-play experiences.

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