Kindergarten Chicago IL 4-5 Year Olds
Chicago Explorers Classroom

In the Explorers Classroom at Toddler Town in Chicago, the children learn new and exciting themes every week!

Each month we focus on three alphabet letters, one shape, one number and at least two colors. We work on cognitive, social-emotional, and developmental skills, while encouraging the children to be independent and creative while behaving nicely towards their peers.

During morning group time, we discuss the days of the week, the month that we are currently in, and the weather. Math is incorporated into group time, by having each child count the children that are in school today; next they count the girls and boys.

After they have finished counting we compare and see if there are more girls or more boys in the classroom. Afterwards we read a story and get ready to begin our daily activities/projects. Having fun is a big part of learning in our class!

Kindergarten Chicago IL 4-5 Year Olds
Chicago 5 year old Classroom

Books, art, science, music, and games are important tools in our classroom. Each day our teachers talk about the days of the week and the month. We talk about the weather daily. A book is read each day that coincides with our lesson. The children’s feedback is extremely important.

Art and writing activities are a daily happening in our classroom. Music and exercising are also part of our daily activities.

Recess is outside, weather permitting. The playground has many varying activities to keep the children moving. When the weather does not cooperate, we play ring toss, toss the ball in the box and other games indoors.

A child is picked each day to be the daily helper. The children are encouraged to clean up after themselves, and to take care of their things. Good hygiene is also encouraged through proper hand washing procedures.

There is always plenty of time for free play throughout our busy day and the children are encouraged to try new activities throughout the week.

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