little girl decorating a Christmas tree

The holidays are a grand vacation time for all kids. It is a wonderful time for family to gather together and celebrate the yuletide season. Christmas break will never be complete without the fun and exciting holiday activities that your preschool children will enjoy. As parents, you can make the most of this time by giving your little ones interesting activities that will also provide opportunities for learning. Here are some ideas for great holiday activities that your preschool age children can do this Christmas season.

Christmas decorating

Christmas ornaments
Let your kids help make Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations are something that’s a must on anyone’s holiday list. This year, make it even more fun by allowing your kids to join you in decorating your house or your Christmas tree. Teach them how to make some simple ornaments they can hang on your tree like candy canes, Christmas balls, bells and stars.

Baking cookies

Baked goodies are always a part of holiday celebrations. Baking is a perfect way to get bonding time with your children. Give your kids a chance to learn this skill at a young age by allowing them to help you bake some cookies and other goodies that are simple to make. You can assign them simple tasks like the measuring and mixing of ingredients. You can also add other little activities to keep them engaged while you take over the more complicated baking tasks.

Wrapping gifts

Gifts are one of the most exciting activities that children look forward to at Christmas. They will be even more excited if you ask them to help out with wrapping the gifts. Just make sure they do it under supervision.

Trying out winter sports

Make the most of the winter season by enjoying the outdoors and having fun with your kids with some winter sports. You can go ice skating, sledding or skiing. If you are living near the winter recreation areas, take advantage of your location and enjoy this season. Many cities have indoor and outdoor skating rinks to try out during the holidays.

Making of arts and crafts

Arts and crafts can be another fun holiday activity that your preschool children will surely love. If they like to draw, paint or color, this is the best time for them to do it. Give them simple projects they can do without adult supervision. They can even make art projects for gifts and give them to their friends and relatives. Set up a dedicated art space in your home where they can roll up their sleeves and get messy and you only have to clean one spot in the house.

Reading a new book

girl reading a Christamas book
A good book for the Christmas spirit

The holidays are a perfect time to read a new book. Read a book together with your child. Add a twist to your regular reading sessions by picking a book related to Christmas or the holidays. It could be a book of Christmas poems or short stories, or anything that will interest your child.

Going on a trip

The Christmas break is the perfect time for families to go on a vacation. Make the holidays a memorable one for your kids by going to a place you’ve never been before or maybe spending Christmas somewhere else to add spice to your tradition. Christmas vacations are always one of the best experiences kids will treasure. These places don’t have to be extravagant. It could be as simple as going to a nearby town or city, or going camping for a few nights.

Play games

When the weather is too cold for outdoor activities, there are plenty of indoor games that you can all enjoy as a family, including board games and video games. Try to engage with the ones that your kids always loved to play because they love it even more when they see their parents joining in the fun.