Daycare is an important part of your child’s education. As your child progresses through the program here at Toddler Town, you as the parent will undoubtedly want to follow the progress made from beginning to end.

Understanding that progress will help reinforce the relationship both you and your child have with the teachers and other staff members. One important aspect of understanding your child’s progress is knowing the right questions to ask, as well as not being afraid to ask them.

Find out what activities your child will be doing, and what specific goals the staff have set for your child. As your child reaches these goals, you will be able to track the progress. Utilize the online Toddler Town portal. This is where you will have the opportunity to view what your child is doing, and ask questions about activities and goals. It also gives you a chance to get to know the staff better, and truly view the program as a whole.

Make a schedule of the activities your child will be performing while at daycare. This is a great way to stay on top of what is expected of both you and your child, and will help you understand how the program works.

Address any problem areas your child may experience. The more active you are in following up on these at home, the faster they will be resolved. Talk over any issues you or your child may have with the Toddler Town staff, and ask for their professional advice.

Prepare for and take part in your child’s parent teacher conference. Write down all questions you wish to ask, and make a list of any and all concerns you would like to address. This will help make the meeting go more smoothly, and you will be able to rest easier knowing you have left no stone unturned.

Ask how your child’s days/weeks are going on a regular basis. Every day when picking your child up, find out about specific events that took place during the day. Find out what activities were completed on a given day, and show your interest in the completed work. Inquire about the events that take place during a typical day here at Toddler Town.

This will help you understand what will be expected of your child each day, and will give the two of you something to discuss at the end of each daycare session. Get involved in the program as a whole. Attend regular events held at your child’s daycare center, and inquire about activities you can do together at home. This will help cement what your child is learning during the day, and will make you an even more direct active participant in your child’s early education.

Ask how your child is adjusting to daycare. The adjustment process is an important part of understanding your child’s progress, and addressing any issues he or she may be experiencing. It is important to remember that each child will excel at different rates, and that the adjustment experience may also different vastly from one child to another.

Learn how your child’s activities at Toddler Town tie into his or her overall goals. This will help you to better understand where your child currently is in relation to where he or she is expected to be at a given time. It can also help you decide what to work on with your child at home. Find out how your child is interacting with others. This includes members of the staff as well as other children.

Knowing your child’s social behavior will help you understand the progress taking place. One of the purposes of daycare is to allow children to interact with one another in a positive environment that facilitates learning. If your child is able to relate with other children, the overall learning process will go more smoothly.

Keep all progress reports you receive. This will not only allow you to ask questions as your child continues to learn and develop, but will also provide you with a measuring tool for continuing to track progress.