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This may be the summer that you need to prepare your child for their first year of preschool. An article from states that 64% of young children attend preschool in any given year. Here are some ways that you and your child can prepare for preschool while spending valuable time together:

  1. Tell Your Child About Getting Older

Most youngsters set primary goals that will be accomplished “when they get bigger”. During the summer before preschool, make a big deal out of them getting old enough to go to school. If you have kept a growth chart, show your child how much he has grown since the last year. You may also give him a couple more privileges to celebrate being a preschooler.

  1. Share Your Story

Tell your child how you felt on your first day of preschool. You may have some pictures of you as a preschool child. Tell them about all the fun you had and the things that you learned. When your kids see that you loved your preschool, they will feel better about their own.

  1. Make Reading A Daily Habit

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Making reading a habit

When you read to your child each day, you are enhancing their skills in literacy and language. Find beautiful picture books that the two of you can enjoy together. Although your child does not have to be a reader to enter preschool, it helps if she gets a head start during the summer. You can foster a love of reading in your child for the rest of their life, says a study from the University of Michigan.

  1. Encourage Games of Learning For The Transition Of Preschool

Some of the basic learning and social skills that little ones receive are from playing. Preschool integrates a lot of play into their lessons. During the summer, play games with your child that are fun and can teach a lesson. Basic games like dominoes teach children numbers and how to find basic patterns.
If your child prefers video games, there are a bunch of games that teach eye-hand coordination and other valuable skills to your preschooler. Many video games are excellent for teaching math skills, states a mathematician in an article from

  1. Practice Social Skills For Transitioning From Home To Preschool

Chances are that your child’s social circle is limited to family and a few close family friends. They may have bonded with another child in the neighborhood. Over the summer, you will have great opportunities to set up play dates with other children, so your child will get used to socializing. Even when they are playing, they learn how to respect others and to get along.

  1. Use The Buddy System For Adjusting To Preschool

The first day of preschool will seem less stressful if your child has a friend in the neighborhood in his class. You may need to befriend some neighbors with younger children over the summer. Children are comforted by routine and familiarity. If they ride the bus, they should always have a traveling companion too. Many such friendships last into high school and into adulthood.

  1. Acclimate Your Child To The Idea Slowly

Do not turn your summer into a complete enrichment course. If your expectations are built up too much, your child may feel anxious. There are many fun activities that subtly teach valuable skills. Your child can have fun without even realizing that he is learning something. Let the subject of preschool be casual and let your child bring it up more than you do. It is the easiest way for them to get used to a different schedule and environment.

  1. Get Your Child Used To Simple Responsibilities

One of the basic skills that everyone needs is how to clean up after one’s self. These are things that you have probably been working on together since she was a toddler. Chores like putting her dirty clothes in the hamper or putting away her toys after play are elementary. The idea of cleaning up her own messes will become like second nature, and will be beneficial for preschool.

  1. Make Transition to Preschool Fun!

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Make preschool fun

Remember how exciting it was to pick out your own school supplies before the start of fall? Manufacturers of school supplies purposely market to children. They come in bright colors and themes from your child’s favorite cartoons. Tell your child how much money they can spend and help them find the school supplies needed. Most preschools give parents a supply list for shopping. Write your child’s name on everything for a quick identifier.

  1. Schedule A Tour For Evanston Preschool Prep

You can ease a lot of your child’s first-day jitters by arranging a tour a week before school starts. Your child will get to meet their teachers and will see all the beautiful things in the classroom. It is a great chance for you and your child to ask questions. On the first day of preschool, your child will know what to expect and will be much less nervous.

  1. Daily Communication to Curb Preschool Separation Anxiety

Preschoolers can be as young as three years old. It is a young age to be separated from parents—even for a couple of hours. Ease your child’s separation fears by writing funny and loving notes for their lunchbox every day. Since they are just learning to read, draw pictures of sunshine, smiles, and things they love. Your thoughtfulness will encourage them throughout the rest of the day.

Preschool is the first milestone on a long journey of your child’s education. Some of the foundations he receives at preschool may contribute to their attitude toward learning. These special classes are fun ways to get your child ready for kindergarten the following year. Preparing your child for their first year of preschool is one of the most important things you can do for them at this age.