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As a parent, building your child’s vocabulary is critical. You must adopt the right strategies from an early age for the child to have a good vocabulary. At this stage, young children are like sponges when it comes to developing their vocabulary. They only need the simple effort of their parents through various techniques of training and encouragement. Communication is a rapid and continuous development process. Communication skills are affected by the interaction your child gets in their early stages of life.

Building Your Child’s Vocabulary

Teaching Vocabulary to Preschoolers

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Vocabulary is crucial as it will play an important role when it comes to learning how to read. For instance, a child who is beginning to read could see the word “dog” in a book and begin to sound it out. When the child notices that they are familiar with the word, they will then read it with confidence. Yet, a child who reads a word like “yak” for the first time may try to sound it out, but could second guess themselves. There are some activities that parents should try to help with vocabulary confidence. You can also enroll your child in an Evanston preschool with teachers ready to increase your child’s vocabulary.

Vocabulary Practices for Preschoolers

• The Reading Vocabulary has words that they can read
• The Listening Vocabulary bears the words that they can hear and understand
• The Writing Vocabulary which are words that we often write
• The Speaking Vocabulary is made up of words that we talk

Activities to Teach Vocabulary to Preschool Students

Talk and Converse Regularly to Your Child

One perfect way to build your child’s vocabulary before fall is by talking and holding long conversations with them. Start conversations with them to give them a better chance to learn the English command. You can also do this with any other language you may prefer. One of the ways you can do this is through storytelling. Young children have a lower concentration span compared to adults. For this reason, the nature of conversation held may not be the same. You will have to adjust to the level of the child as a parent and understand the kind of talk you can engage in. Storytelling or singing songs to them are perfect starting points to improve interaction between you and your child.

A play-by-play of your daily activities may work well for younger children such as babies and toddlers. Express statements such as, “Good morning”, “Your food is ready”, “Getting ready to go to work, see you tonight”. They may not understand the words well, but they tend to learn on a daily basis based on what you do as you speak. Finally, connect the words with your actions to make sense out of it.

Show and Tell Option

This is a creative method that allows your child to express themselves. You may do this by using the items in your home, or you can go outside and talk about the aspects of fall. Give your child a chance to speak their thoughts about each item you see. In this case, you will have to create a friendly environment when dealing with a small child to avoid tension. It also helps to reduce anxiety during the learning process. This activity enables a preschool child to use the specific vocabulary they have already learned, as well as identify and learn other new words.

Increase Your Child’s Vocabulary

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To increase your child’s vocabulary, you need to develop the use of an extensive vocabulary. This will help in speech and language development too. For instance, children who are raised in a professional home are likely to use a higher vocabulary compared to children in middle or lower class families. In this case, it means that your usage of words as a parent has a profound influence on your child’s vocabulary. Do not limit your vocabulary and use of words even if you are addressing another person. This will increase your child’s vocabulary. They will learn even if the vocabulary is not understandable. The only way is avoiding baby talk at some point in their early development stage.

The environment a preschool child is around is very important when you want to increase your child’s vocabulary. As a parent, you must learn to take charge of their life at an early stage. Offer them the right command of communication for a better understanding when they join their preschool studies. Always remember, the aim is to increase your child’s vocabulary. Contact us to enroll your child in a program that will increase their program.