back to school tips for preschool parents

Your child’s first day of preschool can be hard for both of you. Your child will have to get used to being away from you for long periods. This can be tough on them even if they attended preschool the previous year. Even if your child is excited to be heading to preschool after a summer break, there are still circumstances that can cause them fear or concern. By following these nine back-to-school tips for preschool parents, you will help both your child and yourself ease into the new school year.

Explain What’s Going to Happen

how to get ready for school after a break
Help your child get past separation anxiety

First on the list of how to get ready for school after a break for preschoolers is to explain what is going to happen once they get there. Even if your child has attended our reputable preschool in Evanston before, preschool children may need reminders about what the school year brings. As the countdown to school draws to a close, try reminding them about the importance of standing in line and counting objects.

Help Them Be Aware of Their Needs

Another idea on the list of back to school tips for preschool parents is the need to teach children about their body and how it works. Specifically, preschool age children need to be aware of how sleep, water, and the right foods can make them have really good days or really bad days. Discuss with them how they feel better after a nap. Help them to understand the concepts of thirst and hunger and how these affect their bodies.

Take a Trip to The School

Among the best tips for preschool students is getting your child used to the school environment again. Take your child on a field trip to the school. If they’ve attended before, discuss with them what their favorite parts of the school experience was. Contact the school and arrange a tour so that your child can explore the inside of the school while you are a familiar presence at their side.

Establish Bedtime Routines

If you suddenly enforce bedtime routines on children the week that school begins, they will be tired and grumpy. Establish bedtimes and wake-up routines as soon as possible before school starts. It will be easier to adjust to the rush of preschool mornings if the child is already used to waking up at a certain time.

Practice Daily Chores

At preschool, your child will have daily tasks to perform. You can help your child excel in this area by giving your child daily tasks, such as picking up toys and feeding the pet. Love, support and encouragement after the task has been completed are essential ways to help reinforce the benefits of completing their chores.

Bring a Friend on The First Day

Always make sure you ask a teacher first, but consider allowing your child to bring a stuffed friend to help them make it through the first couple of days. A blanket, doll, or picture of their family might also help. Be sure the item isn’t your child’s favorite, because it might not come back in one piece.

Make Sure You Plan the First Day

An important item on the back-to-school ideas for parents is being prepared for the first day back. For example, allow your child to help pick out what they want to wear. If they are taking a lunch with them to school, let them help pack. This way your day is planned and they feel as though they’ve had a say in their schedule.

Plan on Being Early the First Day

back to school ideas for parents
Get your child excited about school activities

For the first day, plan on being early when you drop your child off to preschool. This will allow you to communicate with their teacher and make sure that the child feels secure before you leave.

Do Not Skip Good-bye

Since you know you are leaving your child with a trustworthy preschool in Evanston, you might be tempted to sneak out without saying good-bye. This actually risks losing your child’s trust and can make them more fearful of the preschool experience. Say good-bye, but do not linger.

As your child gets ready to go back to school, feel free to reach out to your trustworthy preschool in Evanston if you have any questions. You should contact us if there is anything we can do to help make the transition back to school easier for either of you.