practicing good manners | Toddler Town in Chicago

It is extremely important to begin practicing manners with your child at a young age. The earlier you begin to teach your child basic manners and making sure you are practicing manners at home, the quicker it will be known to them as normal and expected behavior. This will also lead to your child being much more successful as he or she grows up not only in school, but also going up into the working world.

The Impact of Basic Manners

Never forget to start out with the most basic things when practicing manners with your child. “What are good manners?” they may frequently ask you. Start with the easiest ones. Teach them to always say “please” and “thank you.” Explain to them what both mean. “Please” is used to show that you’re not being demanding towards someone when asking a request. “Thank you” is used to show that you appreciate someone’s efforts or something they’ve said to you. It’s so important to have both of these phrases in our every day vocabulary. This should also be the easiest manner to teach your child. This teaches them to respect others and also to gain the same respect from others. Teaching them this at a young age will also even prove to be quite impressive to some people!

They’ll Make Friends Quicker!

good manners at home | Toddler Town Preschool in Chicago A good place for your child to show off the important skills that he or she has learned is in school! Many parents are sending their child off to daycare or preschool at early ages nowadays. There’s nothing wrong with getting an early start on education. This is where your child can take practicing good manners at home out into the real world, and also learn even more! A wonderful Chicago preschool to check out for your child is called Toddler Town. This Illinois based school is a great place for your child to begin learning and practicing manners such as sharing, taking turns, listening, and basic communicating with other kids his or her age. The preschool’s website also makes it very easy and convenient for you to keep track on what your child is learning and what he or she is doing on a daily basis. You can contact them here. Ā Overall, this is a great and safe choice in sending your child while he or she is learning manners.

An Early Detection of Character

Practicing good manners at home starting at an early age is going to help your child substantially. Strangers will be able to see that your child is well behaved, respectful, and obedient. Rather than your child running around frantically wherever you go, yours will be the one who draws positive attention from others based on their politeness. Other people will be able to see that your child listens to what you tell him or her and realize the importance of using it in their day to day lives.

A Brighter Future

Making Friends

Having good manners will be a great personality trait to have as your child is growing up, but specifically as they grow older. When your child starts school, learning manners is going to be a key part in being able to make friendships with other children. Kids will notice if your child is nice to them. They are not going to want to befriend somebody who is a bully or is mean to them.

Employment Opportunities

Future employers will, without a doubt, notice if your child has good manners. Another applicant may be just as fitting for the job and have all of the exact same qualifications, but practicing manners will make your child the best choice for the job.


Practilearning manners | Toddler Town in Chicago cing manners early is key when it’s time that your child starts to begin relationships with people. Not just friendships or family relationships, but romantic relationships. For example, let’s say your son is polite and shows basic manners such as holding the door open for a girl. He’s more likely to pursue a relationship with her rather than a boy who lets the door close in her face. Practicing manners and using these good manners at home at a young age will embed them in his mind and it will be a no brainer for him to perform these actions.

All in all, it is extremely important to begin teaching your child manners and making sure you are practicing these manners at a young age. Practicing manners will improve your child’s character and make them a more respectable person.