Read to your child!
There are so many wonderful books to read to your child!

Want to know my kids’ favorite part of their bedtime routine? Having a book read to them!

They are so exited because they can pick their own book, even when it is the same book over and over again. The feeling when they are going to tell what will happen next is priceless.

Personally I like almost all types of books; however, whenever I go into a bookstore my husband is not so happy when I come home….!

While searching for popular books for babies and toddlers, I found a few good lists I want to share with you.

This first one is for babies and younger kids.

Follow this link and you will find all the books with short description for them.
The other list is from Michael J. Petrilli and is for preschoolers and kindergartners.

Follow this link and you will find a detailed list of books. You will never run out of options!

Enjoy the time spent reading with your child/children!!!