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There are many benefits of art for toddlers. Learn how your preschooler can grow with arts and crafts!

Benefits of Art for Children

Benefits of Art for Children | Toddler Town Daycares Is there any science or evidence behind the importance of arts and crafts for children? Art for toddlers can build different types of skills like fine motor coordination and bilateral coordination. Many art activities for toddlers encourage using both hands together, which is called bilateral coordination. Art for toddlers also builds fine motor skills as they work with their hands to complete tasks in crafts.


What are other benefits of art for toddlers? Art for preschoolers does more than just build creativity. Art for toddlers helps children with their self-confidence as they take ownership of something they created on their own. Arts and crafts also help children learn problem solving and patience. When the young ones have to wait for paint or glue to dry in an art for toddlers activity, they get to practice patience. It is never too early to start practicing patience!


You can use arts and crafts to help your child understand various math and science concepts! Since children learn in many different ways, arts and crafts can help children understand something that they may not comprehend otherwise. Let children practice math as they work on a craft by counting pieces or colors!

Tips on Art for Toddlers

As you try some art for preschoolers, there are a few tips and suggestions for parents. For starters, focus on the process, not the product. As adults, we can think too much about the final product. If your child’s art project does not look like the example, no need to worry. Just let them express themselves!


As you foster your child’s creativity, many parenting authorities suggest taking a step back. Instead of drawing with children or making creative decisions for them. Encourage your child to think differently. It could be the way your child grows up to be a scientist who finds the cure for cancer. If we limit them to the way it’s always been done, we cut off their potential to think outside the box. These big concepts translate into daily activities like arts and crafts at a child care center.


As you talk to your little artist, avoid asking what the picture or craft “should” be. Instead, ask your child if he or she had fun making it! You can encourage your child to open up about his or her masterpiece with this open-ended pitch: “Tell be about your picture!” Try questions like “I see you used a lot of yellow. What do you like about the color yellow?” These ideas can help your child have the confidence to share.

Art Activities for Toddlers at Toddler Town

Art Activities for Toddlers | Toddler Town DaycaresHow can you bring more art into your child’s life? Here are some great projects involving art for toddlers. At our Chicago and Evanston preschool locations, we offer art for preschoolers. One of our favorite art activities for toddlers is the rainbow project using blank paper and washable hand stamps. Children can make a rainbow after a rainy day using their individual hand prints!


Toddler Town offers a safe and welcoming second home for your child to learn and grow. From art for preschoolers to activities that teach manners, we help your little one prepare for the classroom. You as a parent can take an active role in your child’s education at Toddler Town with our curriculum that is accessible online! Our shared curriculum empowers parents and builds a connection between a child’s home and school.


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