Your child’s first years in school are one of the most crucial. This is the time when your child learns and develops the skills which help them reach many developmental milestones.

In preschool, kids learn important fundamental basics. These contribute not only to brain development, but also to their social, physical and emotional development. When you enroll your little one in Toddler Town Daycare, they enjoy lessons which keep them active, interested and engaged. They are encouraged with opportunities to explore and practice their problem-solving skills.

Here are several other skills your child learns in our Chicago preschool.

Chicago preschool
Preschool is a time when your kids will first learn about letters and numbers.

Language and Literacy

In school, children spend a lot of their time working and interacting with their classmates. Engaging in conversations with their peers, as well as the teacher, is helpful in developing language skills. They also learn more vocabulary as their teacher reads simple stories aloud. Aside from listening skills, they also learn letters and how they correspond with sounds to make simple words. They are able to recognize meaningful, yet simple words and to write their own name.

Numbers and Math

Your child also learns the fundamentals of Math as they learn numerals and counting. Our experienced preschool teachers help them recognize and identify numbers from 1 to 10. They also learn to memorize the order of numbers to help develop their counting skills. As they advance, they are taught how numbers and objects correspond.


Science is a wonderful and interesting subject that preschoolers love to learn in school. Your child will discover more about their environment and surroundings. They’ll learn about fascinating things in nature, animals and human.

They enjoy activities and simple experiments they can do inside the classroom.  For instance, they get to see how an ice cream transforms from a solid to a liquid state as it melts under a warm temperature!

Social Skills

Preschool is the time when kids are being prepared for Kindergarten. And one of the most important things they need to learn is social skills. The nice thing about sending your child to preschool is the opportunity for them to interact with other kids their age. This makes it comfortable for them to make friends and connect with others. They also learn how to cooperate, share, and participate in group activities.

Colors and Basic Shapes

In our Chicago preschool, your child learns how to identify colors and name them. They will also learn about geometric shapes like rectangles, triangles and squares. The teacher has nifty art projects to help them practice what they learned about colors and shapes. For example, they’ll be asked to draw a triangle and color it red.

Chicago preschool
Kids are able to identify basic colors in preschool

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Before entering Kindergarten, preschoolers should be able to know how to cut with scissors. This is one of the fine motor skills they will learn in preschool. They are given activities which allow them to practice their grip and finger strength, such as when making arts and crafts.

And the learning activities are not limited to just inside the classroom! Your child also develops their coordination and gross motor skills in school through dancing and other outdoor activities.


One of the most difficult things about starting school for children? They don’t want to be left alone without their moms and dads. Some kids who are already in Kindergarten are still struggling in this area. But, if you send your child to preschool, they learn how to be independent early on.

They will enjoy their time playing with their classmates and working with their teacher. They will also become comfortable to be away from their parents for a significant amount of time. This provides an excellent opportunity for them to build their confidence and self-esteem.

If you are looking for a preschool which promotes growth and development of your child in all areas, consider Toddler Town Daycare. We offer an engaging and educational preschool program to help develop the skills your child needs for a lifetime of learning.