We would like to congratulate Claudia Soria from our Chicago location who ran the Chicago Marathon. Congratulations Claudia!!!

Hello, my name is Claudia Soria and not only am I an employee here at Toddler Town Daycare Too, my son also attends the center. I have spent many years playing team sports such as Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer. After having my son, Santiago, who is now three, I had to think about how to incorporate fitness back into a busy schedule.

I soon realized that committing to anything was next to impossible with a small child, so I figured running would be the best way to get back into shape. As any mother could tell you, being a full time mother and employee does not leave much room for recreation. I then decided to invest in a running stroller so that I would be able to take my son on runs with me. To this day, my son and I are still able to bond on our morning runs. He asks every morning if today we are going for a run! Not only am I able to workout on my runs, but he is also learning the importance of fitness, commitment and dedication.

Being able to run was then the catalyst to developing personal goals on and off the course. I started off small by training for 5k’s then 8k’s then half marathons. It wasn’t before long that I set my mind to the Chicago Marathon. Being able to work in a setting that supported my training schedules and runs helped make that goal possible. During this process I was even able to motivate the staff from both our Toddler Town Daycare Evanston and Chicago locations to participate in two 5k races. In running it does not matter whether you come in first, finish in the middle, or are last; being able to say I finished is well worth the satisfaction.