Back in 2012 when budget funds were short from the state level, I was compelled to write to advocate for the ones without a voice….our children!

Dear Governor & Legislators,

We were recently made aware that the state does not have funds to pay childcare providers for the month of April, May and June. The devastation this would cause is unthinkable; what are parents supposed to do?? Take 3 months off of work until funds become available? What are the childcare providers supposed to do for the next 3 months if funds are not appropriated to cover these next 3 months?

Let’s see, I think I have an idea……..

1. Childcare Centers and Home providers will have to close their doors as early as of Monday May 7, 2012
2. Parents will have to search for someone to try and watch their kids so they can continue to go to work
3. Parents will have to quit their jobs or will get fired because they are calling into work because they were unable to find someone to watch their children
4. Providers will be in default of their bills and mortgages because they do not have funds coming in
5. Parents will not be able to pay their bills or mortgages or provide for their families because they cannot go to work, because they do not have childcare
6. Parents and Providers will all rush to unemployment and public aid for assistance to try to feed their families and try to keep a roof over their heads
7. Children will be left with no quality education or quality childcare
8. If and when funds become available there will be no childcare available, because most centers will have lost their leases or foreclosure proceedings will have begun on their properties for nonpayment
9. Staff that is lucky to find another job will not return to their old centers because they have found work somewhere else, so centers that were able to open, now cannot because they are understaffed
10. The suppliers that we work with to provide services will also suffer because we will no longer need their services. ie. food suppliers, janitorial, school supplies, music teachers, school nurses, extracurricular activities, and so on.

This is just a short list of what will happen. The children, The parents, The teachers, the providers, the suppliers, we all ask that you please reconsider and issue the needed funds to keep childcare going in the state of Illinois. We BEG OF YOU to please help us!!!!!!!

Angelo Nikolov, Owner & Director
& The Children, The Parents, The Teachers & Suppliers of Toddler Town Daycare