Preschool Teacher Job Profile and Description

A preschool teacher is an individual charged with the duty of teaching young children of between the ages of two and five. They play the important role of helping the children interact. They get the children ready to enroll into kindergarten. Preschool teachers perform one very important duty of helping shape and mould the lives of young kids.  The teachers provide the children with an environment that is both caring and safe where they can grow and learn.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Preparing lesson plans for the children on a daily basis.
  • Preparing creative activities that the children can participate in.
  • Preparing games and outdoor activities the children can engage in.
  • Monitoring the children’s progress and development.
  • Preparing reports on the children’s development.
  • Discussing the children’s progress with other teachers and parents.
  • Providing nutritious lunches and snacks.
  • Developing activities and teaching programs that are culturally appropriate.
  • Supervising the children.
  • Comforting the children.
  • Establishing routines.
  • Inculcating discipline.
  • Promoting early education and literacy.
  • Reading books to the children.
  • Attending to the basic needs of the children such as dressing and feeding.
  • Teaching the children proper hygiene.
  • Demonstrating learning activities to the kids.
  • Maintaining complete and accurate records.
  • Labeling and organizing learning materials.
  • Planning and supervising field trip and class projects.
  • Selecting, storing, and issuing classroom supplies, equipment and materials.
  • Adapting the available teaching methods to meet the interest and needs of the children.

Skills and Specifications

  • Compassion
  • Creativity
  • Alertness
  • Good planner
  • Flexibility
  • Excellent team builders
  • Superior communication skills both verbal and written
  • Patience
  • Consistency
  • Excellent supervisory skills
  • Superior stress management skills

Education and Qualifications

Requirements must include:

  • MINIMUM: High School Diploma as well as sixty semester hours (or 90 quarter hours) of credits from an accredited college or university with 9 semester hours or 12 quarter hours in Courses related directly to child care or child development
    • PREFERRED: and/or a CDA in Early Childhood
    • PREFERRED: and/or an Associates in Early Childhood
    • PREFERRED: and/or a  (Type 04 Certificate  in Early Childhood Education)
  • Experience in a classroom setting as a Head Teacher
  • Experience in Creative Curriculum is a must.
  • Computer knowledge required

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