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The first day of daycare can be challenging for you and your little one. For most families, it marks a significant transition since it is the first time that the child will be away from their parents for an extended period. The good news is that there are a plethora of things you can do to navigate this change and make the transition smooth and easy. Read on below to find some helpful tips on how to tackle challenging moments during your child’s first day in our daycare in Chicago.

Set expectations

Before starting the first day, take time to set your child’s expectations about the things they will experience in the daycare.  Introduce basic concepts as well as the activities they are most likely going to do. Make them excited by highlighting the fun and exciting things about preschool such as meeting new friends, playing games, the outdoor activities, access to the playground and a lot more!

Adjust to the new routine

Help your little one adjust to the new schedule by practicing the new routine at least once a week before school starts. Adjust to a new sleeping schedule by keeping an appropriate bedtime. If their class is scheduled early in the morning, you may need to send them to bed earlier than usual.

Visit the center

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Find a daycare with the right facilities for your child

Take time to visit the center ahead of time and bring your child with you. Doing this will give them the chance to warm up to the new environment. It will also give them a sense of security as they get themselves familiar with the setting. Be sure to let your child play on the playground and explore the daycare on their own. This is an excellent way for your child to get a feel on what they should expect on the first day.

Purchase school supplies together

Having a new outfit, shoes and supplies can help your child get hyped for the first day of school. So, take them shopping and buy them new clothes, bag, crayons, pencils and other school supplies to make them excited for going to a daycare. Knowing that they have new stuff will make them look forward to going to school.

Arrive early

Start the first day right by getting your child ready for school early. Avoid the morning rush and give them ample time to get dressed and eat their breakfast. Hurrying only makes parents and children feel stressed. So, make sure gear up early for this special day. This will give you the chance to have a one on one time with the teacher and be acquainted with the classroom while it is still quiet and calm.

Help your child settle in

On your child’s first day, it would be best if you could spend more time to stick around until your toddler is settled in. Don’t just drop them off and leave immediately. Young children are expected to have apprehensions and anxieties no matter how much you try to prepare them for this day. Stay for a couple of minutes and wait until your child finds a spot where they can be comfortable in. Facilitate introduction to the teacher and new friends. When they find a buddy they can hang out with, they will feel much comfortable and at ease.

Pay attention to how they feel and how you feel

daycare kids on a swing
Daycare is great for kids to meet new friends

Sending your child to a day care for the first time is a huge step. It can bring so many perplexing emotions for both you and your child. It is important that you pay close attention to your child’s feelings and ask them what worries or concerns them. Give them the assurance that daycare is a fun and exciting learning experience. Also keep your own feelings in check.  If children feel that their parents are anxious and sad, they are most likely going to feel the same. Exude happy emotions and positive vibes and your child will feel the same.

Sending your little one to a daycare for the first time may be tough. But these tips could come in handy to help you get through the process and make the transition a breeze. If you’re looking for the best daycare in Chicago where your child can enjoy and have fun while learning, Toddler Town Daycare is your best choice.