friends in a daycare
Daycare is loads of fun!

A good daycare is a viable option for working parents. Daycare isn’t only an excellent choice for parents; it can also benefit children in more ways than one. The environment, as well as instruction and structure, have academic benefits for kids. So if you’re still thinking twice about leaving your little one in a daycare, here are some points to consider.

More opportunities to grow

A quality daycare can contribute to a child’s future success. This is especially true when a daycare has teachers capable of handling behavioral problems. In a quality daycare, kids have plenty of opportunities to learn and socialize. The environment should give them stimulation and affection.

Academic advancement

Scientific studies show that quality early childhood education impacts academic success when they reach their teenage years. Studies claim that children could have higher academic achievement scores as teens. It means that when you choose a daycare for your little one; make sure that it is high-quality. High-quality refers to a daycare that offers good facilities, instruction, as well as ample opportunities for young kids to grow.

Regular schedule

Even kids also follow a schedule in a daycare. They may not be able to tell the time on the clock, but they have a sequence of activities that include storytelling, singing and playing. Following a structured time for fun activities can help a shape a child’s behavior. Especially when it comes to following a routine for essential activities like eating and napping. These also impact their intellectual growth and development.

Time with other kids

friends in a daycare
Daycare is a great opportunity for kids to make friends

Daycare is an excellent option for working parents who don’t have much time to arrange play-dates. Young children need to spend time with other kids. They need to socialize and establish connections and friendships with peers. This is essential in their social growth. When you send your child to a quality daycare, your little one spends time around other children in a supervised and safe environment. They will learn how to work with other kids when it comes to problem-solving. They will enjoy learning and playing with them while they grow socially and intellectually.

Better behavior

A daycare provides opportunities to play with other children. This helps them develop better behaviors. Socialization is one of the most important benefits of sending a child to a daycare. When they learn how to work with others and become team players

Smoother transition to kindergarten

Sending young children to a quality daycare can make it easier to transition. In a daycare, teachers with strong education background introduce the fundamentals of academics through play and other engaging activities. Because of this, kids are better prepared for kindergarten.

Opportunities to interact with other adults

Young children only have their parents and other adult family members to learn from. Sending a child to a daycare provides them with opportunities to learn and interact with other adults outside their family. They start to see other adults as mentors that can provide them guidance.

Developing independence

Kids who go to a quality daycare learn independence at a young age. They also have less emotional problems. They learn to rely on themselves when their parents are not around. They learn how to get along with other kids and teachers. They suffer fewer withdrawal symptoms than those who do not experience a daycare.

Sending your little one to a daycare may not be an easy decision. Choosing a high quality daycare can benefit your child over time. And if you are looking for a daycare in Chicago that you can trust, please consider Toddler Town Daycare.