Toddler Town DaycareHere at Toddler Town Daycare, we strive to create an environment that is enlightening, comfortable, empowering, educational and safe for all children as well as staff within our two separate daycare centers.

Our curriculum is a web-based tool which is used across the board at both locations. Parents are strongly encouraged to accept our digital invitation and explore all that the site has to offer and to better understand the lessons and activities your child will engage in at our educational preschool.

Within this website, parents have full access to their child’s development. Having this type of opportunity creates an interactive partnership between parents and teachers so that together we can work as a team to ensure that each child’s ability and potential is reached while enrolled in our Chicago daycare and beyond.

Once an invitation has been accepted by the parent(s), all of their child’s information is available to them. Assessments, lesson plans, documentation of child’s daily experiences in addition to important classroom and administrative information can all be found within the website.

Furthermore, parents and staff can communicate via the website through messages sent from either end. Monthly newsletters are also created and posted on the school website for parents to view. Through the links provided in this section parents can view examples of what they will find online and at our daycare centers.