Hello Toddler Town Family, 

As you know the Governor of Illinois has changed the expiration date of the Shelter in place date from April 7th to April 30, 2020. As you know this means that we will not be able to open until May 4th at the earliest. If anything changes before then we will keep you updated. All tuition accounts are frozen, and no one will be charged anything during this time. 

Since we found out that we will be closed until April 30th, all our teachers have started working on Google Classrooms E-learning. Each classroom is preparing their weekly lesson plan as they normally would along with preparing daily Lesson Plans to coincide with the weekly lesson plan. 

All Parents will receive an invite from their child(rens) teacher(s) to join the Google Classroom in the next couple of days. Please check your regular email and junk email for this invite. We are doing our best to keep the important interaction going between your child and their teacher during this time. 

Additionally, throughout this time we have also been sending free links to children’s interactive online learning tools that children and families can utilize while at home. 

If internet service is an issue, I am attaching below information below on what the current service providers are doing and offering during this time. 

We hope to see everyone very soon, please stay home and stay safe. 

Here is a short list to find Internet Access: 

  • AT&T: For the next 60 days, AT&T is making all of its public Wi-Fi hotspots open for free access by anyone. AT&T does not have a hotspot map but has provided instructions for locating their hotspots online.
  • Comcast:  Comcast is now offering an “Internet Essentials” package that provides 60 days of free service and a $9.95 per-month plan after that time. Comcast is also making all of its Wi-Fi hotspots available for free public use and has provided instructions and a map for connecting to this free service.  Access to Comcast Wi-Fi is now open across hundreds of locations in the east-central Indiana region.
  • Sprint and T-Mobile are allowing existing customers unlimited smartphone data and an additional 20GB of tethering and hotspot data for the next 60 days.