Child Care Evanston IL for 3 Year Olds
Evanston 3 Year Old Classroom

In the three year old Chipmunks classroom, we strive to keep your child engaged in learning throughout the year.

When they enter our classroom we will start to introduce the letters of the alphabet and then their sounds. Children will then begin to learn how to not only recognize, but also write their names.

We work on our math skills by counting to 20, and through graphing and sorting. Shapes are a big part of our math skills and our curriculum; therefore, we make sure to include that in our daily routine.

Child Care Evanston IL for 3 Year Olds
Our Chipmunks Classroom

Each week we introduce a new theme, but in our class we will always reference what we learned the week prior. We teach our children in Spanish and Urdu, since at this age their capacity to retain information is at its highest.

Everyday we work on our art skills to explore and make learning fun. For three-year olds the most important way to learn is through play which we do on a daily basis. The only way to get a child engaged and to keep them eager to learn is by having them be active participants in our Chipmunks classroom.

We try to foster our children’s independence and to encourage their self-esteem by providing a multitude of developmentally appropriate areas that are open throughout the day.

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