1. The simplest macaroni and cheese!

    Anybody for a plate of mac and cheese? I knew it, everybody!!! And maybe two servings after you try this recipe. After trying numerous complicated and not so tasty recipes I almost gave up on the idea of making my own mac and cheese. And, than I took a cooking class for American cooking and I was the happiest person. The chef made the simplest and the tastiest cheese sauce that even my sister can …Read More

  2. Yummy Apple, Peach, and Plum Sauce

    My kids and I love applesauce. After reading the ingredients, especially how much sugar there is in the store bought brands and looking at some really quick and easy recipes, I made my own in a slow cooker! It came out so good and it took me only 15 min of preparation and 5 min to put in into the jars after 4.5 hours in the slow cooker. I used around 20 apples. I had few peaches and 15 plums at ho…Read More

  3. Favorite Websites!

    This week I wanted to share with everybody my favorite websites for parenting and recipe suggestions. The first one is Parents.com. You can find everything in one place, from pregnancy to school age, from healthy recipes to outdoor fun. I love their food category! There is an article for Creative and Healthy Ways to Serve Fruit for Dinner. I found this one recently and my kids loved it. 15-Minute…Read More

  4. Yummy Summer Treats!

    Summer and Popsicles!!! I don’t know what I like more, a warm summer day or a nice fruity, refreshing popsicle! While I was trying to figure out what to do with the leftover fruit from my fridge and many nights spent on Pinterest I came up with this simple recipe. I’m all for simple and healthy eats and this can’t be easier and healthier for your kids and not only in the summer time but all …Read More