1. Learning Games for Kids: The Benefits

    Long before the advent of brick and motor schools, curriculum and even writing, children learned about their world through games, play and sport. And while not every academic subject can be learned through play and games, many of them can. Even math, a subject that most consider a great bore, can be enhanced with fun math learning games for kids. The only limit to the scope of learning games for k…Read More

  2. Benefits of Pre K Programs

    As a parent, one of the most important jobs you have is to make sure that your child is getting the best educational experience possible. You know this, and you probably spend a lot of time thinking about and researching ways to get the most out of educational programs for your kids. One of the best ways to give your child a head start on the path the academic success is to enroll them in a qualit…Read More

  3. Teaching Preschool Math

    When a child starts preschool, they are invited into a whole new world of learning and exploration. The preschool environment is a place where they begin to learn the basics of what they will later learn in grade school. The preschool curriculum includes learning the alphabet and simple reading, learning to play and interact in groups, and exercising creativity in arts and crafts. In addition to c…Read More

  4. Tips for Summer Safety

    The weather is warming up and summer is just around the corner. Soon your little scholar will be out of school and replacing their thinking caps with outdoor explorer caps! Before you let loose your little adventurer into the uncharted regions of the backyard, it’s a good idea to teach them some summer safety essentials and ensure that they are properly provisioned for their voyages and trail bl…Read More

  5. Choosing Childcare Tips

    Choosing child care for your little one is one of the most important decision you as a parent can make. You are, after all, choosing who you will be trusting with the safety, health and well-being of your child. There are many things to consider when choosing child care, including the reputation of the child care center, the policies and programs they offer and the level of professionalism and ce…Read More

  6. Starting Preschool Tips

    Do you remember starting preschool? Maybe, maybe not. Do you remember the first time that you were really nervous about starting a new school year? Sure you do. The anxiety is sometimes and unfortunately the most memorable part. There is something about nerves that imprints upon your psyche. For a little one starting preschool, there can be a lot of nerves. In many cases, the first day of prescho…Read More

  7. Teaching Kids about Stranger Danger

    Children can be very trusting. They are innocent and they have not yet developed a healthy sense of skepticism about the motives of others. Teaching your children about whom they can trust and whom they should avoid is an important part of safety education.Stranger danger is the easy to remember term used to impart a sense of awareness about strangers. Teaching this discernment is a delicate balan…Read More

  8. The Purpose of Pre K Education

    The decision to send your child to a Pre-K program, also known as preschool, is an important one. There are many things to consider when choosing a child care center for your child, including program quality, safety, cost, time and location. You may even be wondering if there is a purpose to pre k education and whether it provides your child any benefits. Like all education, pre k education is an …Read More

  9. Understanding Your Child’s Progress

    Daycare is an important part of your child’s education. As your child progresses through the program here at Toddler Town, you as the parent will undoubtedly want to follow the progress made from beginning to end. Understanding that progress will help reinforce the relationship both you and your child have with the teachers and other staff members. One important aspect of understanding your chil…Read More

  10. Healthy Eating

    As part of our unit on Healthy Eating, children painted a healthy plate of food. We talked with the children about healthy eating habits and the food categories (grains, vegetables, fruit, protein, and dairy). We introduced them to the healthy eating plate popularized by First Lady Michelle Obama. Then we covered the table with paper and traced out a plate, cup, napkin and fork. However, this proj…Read More