1. socialization for children | Toddler Town in Chicago

    7 Benefits of Socialization for Children in Child Care Centers

    One of the primary concerns of parents struggling to decide which daycare is right for them, is whether or not the daycare setting provides adequate socialization for children. While finding adequate child care is a must for many families, others must weigh the benefits of daycare vs. staying home. The arguments on all sides are passionate and deeply personal. Is the home the best place to sociali…Read More

  2. day care | Toddler Town Daycare in Chicago

    Professional Child Care vs Nanny Care: Which is the Best Fit for Your Family?

    Nothing challenges our ideas of work/life balance like choosing professional child care. Your children’s safety is paramount, their early childhood development vital, and their happiness your priority. What child care choice is best for them, and for you? What Can Child Care Centers Offer My Child? Day care centers are a popular choice with families, for good reason. Licensing and regulation are…Read More

  3. prepare your child for their first year of preschool | Toddler Town Daycare in Evaston

    Make Summer Count: 11 Ways to Prepare Your Child this Summer for Their First Year of Preschool

    This may be the summer that you need to prepare your child for their first year of preschool. An article from Eutopia.org states that 64% of young children attend preschool in any given year. Here are some ways that you and your child can prepare for preschool while spending valuable time together: Tell Your Child About Getting Older Most youngsters set primary goals that will be accomplished “w…Read More

  4. Preapare your child for Kindergarten | Toddler Town Daycare Centers

    13 Ways You Can Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten at Home

    How do you prepare your child for kindergarten? There are so many aspects that factor into kindergarten readiness. What skills should your child have to be ready for kindergarten? There are different types of skills that your child will need to be ready for kindergarten. Kindergarten readiness skills include motor skills, social skills, language skills, reading and writing skills, as well as reaso…Read More

  5. Kindergarten Readiness | Toddler Town Daycare Centers

    Do You Have Kindergarten Readiness Checklist?

    Kindergarten readiness is a big goal for parents with young children. How do you make sure your little one is ready for a classroom? What can you do at home to help prepare your child for the classroom? Kindergarten is the beginning of a long journey in education, and parents want to set their children up for success. Here are some kindergarten readiness resources for parents and kindergarten read…Read More

  6. 7 Amazing Ways Learning Through Play Benefits your Child

    Why is learning through play a concept most discussed in early childhood education? What is play-based learning? Before we discuss the benefits of learning through play, we look at some research on play-based learning. Researchers have focused on the benefits of play for children ages two and a half through seven. Learning Through Play As children play, they learn about themselves and the world ar…Read More

  7. practicing good manners | Toddler Town in Chicago

    7 Ways Practicing Manners Leads to Your Child’s Success

    It is extremely important to begin practicing manners with your child at a young age. The earlier you begin to teach your child basic manners and making sure you are practicing manners at home, the quicker it will be known to them as normal and expected behavior. This will also lead to your child being much more successful as he or she grows up not only in school, but also going up into the workin…Read More

  8. Reading at bed time | Toddler Town Daycare Centers

    What is the Importance of Reading to Your Child at Bedtime?

    Reading at bedtime can be a comforting bedtime ritual for you and your little one. Are there any benefits of reading bedtime stories to your children? The sound of your voice can soothe your child during snuggle time, but what about the benefits of bedtime stories? Reading at Bedtime Builds Language Skills One of the benefits of reading at bedtime is mastery of language. Verbal interaction with yo…Read More

  9. Puzzles for Toddlers | Toddler Town Daycares

    How Do Puzzles Help Your Child Learn?

    Puzzles for toddlers can be fun and entertaining on a rainy day. Are there any benefits of puzzles for child development beyond keeping your little one entertained? Benefits of Puzzles for Toddlers’ Development There are many benefits of playing puzzle games. Puzzles for toddlers build a child’s gross and fine motor skills. Puzzles help toddlers with shape recognition. As your toddler sees dif…Read More

  10. Art For Toddlers | Toddler Town Daycares

    Why is Art Important for your Toddler?

    There are many benefits of art for toddlers. Learn how your preschooler can grow with arts and crafts! Benefits of Art for Children Is there any science or evidence behind the importance of arts and crafts for children? Art for toddlers can build different types of skills like fine motor coordination and bilateral coordination. Many art activities for toddlers encourage using both hands together, …Read More