1. Tips to Prepare your Children for the New School Year

    It’s August, summer is finally coming to an end and the new school year is right around the corner. Time for  parents and students all over the country to start their back to school preparations. Whether your children look forward to this event or they dread the regimented school days ahead, one thing is for sure – back to school entails another big transition. Help your kids cope with the bi…Read More

  2. Reasons Why You Should Educate Children on the Value of Volunteering

    Raising kids isn't easy...especially in a society that often seems so self-absorbed. (selfies, anyone?) So how can parents help kids see beyond their own immediate interests and concerns? By involving their children in opportunities to volunteer their time and energies towards helping others. While volunteering benefits those on the receiving end - both the individuals and organizations served - i…Read More

  3. Tips for Choosing the Right Preschool in Chicago

    Preschool is an excellent educational foundation for your child if you want them to be prepared and ready for their future learning endeavors. And the decision of which preschool a child needs to attend shouldn’t be taken lightly. Parents, is picking the right preschool one of your dilemmas? It can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t have any idea about where to start! Of course, there …Read More

  4. Parent talking to child

    Get Your Kids Talking about School with these 6 Tips

    “How was school” is a question kids find too big to answer. When you throw them this question, they’ll feel like they have to sum up their whole day and don’t know where to start. The result? They’ll give you a “fine” for an answer. And this is not what we want to hear. As parents, you’d like to get as much information as you can from your children. You’d want to know what happen…Read More

  5. National Hobby Month

    How to Help Kids Explore Their Interests During National Hobby Month

    Every kid should have something they enjoy doing outside of school. National Hobby Month is a great way to help your child explore hobbies he may not be aware of! Why hobbies? Adults aren’t the only ones who benefit from having a hobby.Hobbies are an enjoyable way to gain new skills and learn something new about yourself and the world around you.Children who excel at something grow to perform we…Read More

  6. wrapped gifts

    Teaching Kids How to Share on National Re-Gifting Day

    It’s often thought of as tacky, but is it really? Re-gifting is the practice of individuals giving unused gifts that they received from others. Declared a national holiday by money management website Regiftable.com, National Re-gifting day is celebrated each year on the third Thursday in December. The date was chosen because it’s when companies are most likely to hold their office holiday part…Read More

  7. child reading in a library

    3 Ways You Can Increase Your Child’s Vocabulary During Fall

    As a parent, building your child’s vocabulary is critical. You must adopt the right strategies from an early age for the child to have a good vocabulary. At this stage, young children are like sponges when it comes to developing their vocabulary. They only need the simple effort of their parents through various techniques of training and encouragement. Communication is a rapid and continuous dev…Read More

  8. preschool girls playing together

    Closing the Preschool Gap: Help Your Child Reap the Benefits of Early Childhood Education

    Our educational system is recognizing the importance and benefits of early childhood education more than ever before. Yet, there is a gap in the available options that can have an impact on your child's growth. It's important to learn about this gap and the potential solutions. We have plenty of programs for infants up to the age of three. There are also state-funded pre-K programs in almost every…Read More

  9. back to school tips for preschool parents

    Back to School Tips for Preschool Parents: 9 Ways to Help Your Child Settle In

    Your child's first day of preschool can be hard for both of you. Your child will have to get used to being away from you for long periods. This can be tough on them even if they attended preschool the previous year. Even if your child is excited to be heading to preschool after a summer break, there are still circumstances that can cause them fear or concern. By following these nine back-to-school…Read More

  10. Professional Child Care or Nanny Care?

    In today's ever growing need for child care each family must decide which option fits their families needs the best: Professional Child Care vs. Nanny Care. I recently came across an article by Ken Mau, and this author helps illustrate how and why Professional Child Care is the superior choice. Helpful benefits, including interactive socialization, expanded educational opportunities, cost, and oth…Read More