1. Manners Hats

    At Toddler Town, learning about good manners is part of the curriculum. Our kids have a lot of fun making their manner hats. Here's a great way to help your child learn and understand manners at home! To make these hats you will need: • 1 Old brown bag cut in strips of 2-3” • Paint and paint brushes • Glue • Colorful cutouts on which you can write down all the manners that your child cu…Read More

  2. Favorite Websites!

    This week I wanted to share with everybody my favorite websites for parenting and recipe suggestions. The first one is Parents.com. You can find everything in one place, from pregnancy to school age, from healthy recipes to outdoor fun. I love their food category! There is an article for Creative and Healthy Ways to Serve Fruit for Dinner. I found this one recently and my kids loved it. 15-Minute…Read More

  3. Practicing Manners

    This is a fun and creative way we practice manners at Toddler Town, and an easy to do home event too! We practice "Please", "Thank You", and "You're Welcome" in English, Spanish, German, and French! It also helps all of the children learn about other languages and cultures.…Read More

  4. Rainbow Project

    For this Toddler Town project, we had the children make a rainbow after a rainy day! Assemble Blank Paper, and washable hand stamps Place hand on stamp pad Place hand on paper; the designs are endless!…Read More

  5. Paper Roll Octopus

    Gather paper rolls, googly eyes, glue, paint, and safety scissors. Cut 8 slits half way up the paper roll to create the tentacles. Paint roll. When the paint is dry, glue on googly eyes and you are finished! Time to play under the sea!…Read More

  6. Beautiful Bubble Art

    Recycle old bubble sticks, and create unique one of a kind art! What you'll need: white paper, soap, food coloring and old bubble sticks in any shape. Mix soap & food coloring in shallow bowls Have children dip bubble sticks in bowls and then blow bubbles onto white paper Let bubbles dry, and you have beautiful bubble art!…Read More

  7. Recycled Crayons

    If you have kids, you know you have some broken or 'too small to use' crayons somewhere in your house.  From our 10 classrooms at Toddler Town, we used to have a LOT of leftover crayons! I felt bad about dumping them in the garbage cans until I found a few articles on Pinterest about how to recycle them. The first time I did this little project was for Valentine’s Day. I put them in a goody …Read More

  8. Yummy Summer Treats!

    Summer and Popsicles!!! I don’t know what I like more, a warm summer day or a nice fruity, refreshing popsicle! While I was trying to figure out what to do with the leftover fruit from my fridge and many nights spent on Pinterest I came up with this simple recipe. I’m all for simple and healthy eats and this can’t be easier and healthier for your kids and not only in the summer time but all …Read More