1. cool places to visit with your preschooler

    Cool Places to Visit in Chicago with Your Preschooler

    Planning to travel or go on a vacation with your family this year? Chicago is one of the places you should consider. There are many good reasons why Chicago is an ideal travel destination, especially for families with kids. There are just so many cool places to visit in Chicago and several your preschooler will love. From the restaurants and amazing activities, to the world’s best museums, every…Read More

  2. 7 Things Your Child Will Learn in Our Chicago Preschool

    Your child’s first years in school are one of the most crucial. This is the time when your child learns and develops the skills which help them reach many developmental milestones. In preschool, kids learn important fundamental basics. These contribute not only to brain development, but also to their social, physical and emotional development. When you enroll your little one in Toddler Town Dayc…Read More

  3. National Hobby Month

    How to Help Kids Explore Their Interests During National Hobby Month

    Every kid should have something they enjoy doing outside of school. National Hobby Month is a great way to help your child explore hobbies he may not be aware of! Why hobbies? Adults aren’t the only ones who benefit from having a hobby.Hobbies are an enjoyable way to gain new skills and learn something new about yourself and the world around you.Children who excel at something grow to perform we…Read More

  4. 7 Amazing Ways Learning Through Play Benefits your Child

    Why is learning through play a concept most discussed in early childhood education? What is play-based learning? Before we discuss the benefits of learning through play, we look at some research on play-based learning. Researchers have focused on the benefits of play for children ages two and a half through seven. Learning Through Play As children play, they learn about themselves and the world ar…Read More

  5. Puzzles for Toddlers | Toddler Town Daycares

    How Do Puzzles Help Your Child Learn?

    Puzzles for toddlers can be fun and entertaining on a rainy day. Are there any benefits of puzzles for child development beyond keeping your little one entertained? Benefits of Puzzles for Toddlers’ Development There are many benefits of playing puzzle games. Puzzles for toddlers build a child’s gross and fine motor skills. Puzzles help toddlers with shape recognition. As your toddler sees dif…Read More

  6. Art For Toddlers | Toddler Town Daycares

    Why is Art Important for your Toddler?

    There are many benefits of art for toddlers. Learn how your preschooler can grow with arts and crafts! Benefits of Art for Children Is there any science or evidence behind the importance of arts and crafts for children? Art for toddlers can build different types of skills like fine motor coordination and bilateral coordination. Many art activities for toddlers encourage using both hands together, …Read More

  7. Learning Games for Kids: The Benefits

    Long before the advent of brick and motor schools, curriculum and even writing, children learned about their world through games, play and sport. And while not every academic subject can be learned through play and games, many of them can. Even math, a subject that most consider a great bore, can be enhanced with fun math learning games for kids. The only limit to the scope of learning games for k…Read More

  8. Happy Birthday Daddy!

    A present that is made by your kids is the best Birthday present you can get!!! I was thinking for the longest time just what I should buy my husband for his 40th Birthday. One day while my kids were painting with finger-paints on a big piece of paper I remembered that I have a few canvases just sitting in my office. I took them out and let the children have fun! Even I couldn't resist so I added…Read More

  9. Best Books for Preschoolers

    Want to know my kids’ favorite part of their bedtime routine? Having a book read to them! They are so exited because they can pick their own book, even when it is the same book over and over again. The feeling when they are going to tell what will happen next is priceless. Personally I like almost all types of books; however, whenever I go into a bookstore my husband is not so happy when I come …Read More