1. Annual Toy Drive 2017

    We had another wonderful and very successful our turnout for our annual toy drive at Toddler Town! Thank you for all your time, help and donations--our community appreciates each and every generous and thoughtful gift!…Read More

  2. Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

    Toddler Town Daycare wants you to know we are partners in your child’s development and education. It's why we created our blog page. Here you'll find Arts and Crafts that can be done at home, healthy and easy recipes for the family, birthday, party, and family fun event suggestions, green ideas for your home, and ways that parents can save money. Make sure you check it out often!…Read More

  3. From the Heart

    We truly enjoy being able to help! Both Toddler Town Daycare Center locations held our 2nd Annual Toy Drive. All of the toys were donated to the children at the Primo Center for Women and Children. We also held a Food Drive. It was a wonderful success! This heartwarming thank you letter from Fr. Lojek shown below proves how your donation was much appreciated in the community.  Many thanks to…Read More

  4. 2nd Annual Toy Drive

    Thank you to all the families that donated a toy for our 2nd Annual Toy Drive and a non-perishable food item for our Food Drive. It was all a huge success! All of the toys were donated to the children at the Primo Center for Women and Children. .…Read More

  5. Impact of Early Childhood Education on Child Development

    With the focus of the American education discussion pivoting around K-12 education, many parents of young children are often left wondering how they can help their child prepare for Kindergarten and lifelong learning. Lost in the talk of graduation and drop-out rates in school age children, pre-k kids have taken the back seat in policy considerations. But research has begun to indicate that early …Read More

  6. The Benefits of Learning Games for Preschoolers

    When thinking about education and learning, few adults and parents think of fun and engaging learning games. Having been brought up in the classroom at a time when the three R’s were stressed – Reading, wRiting, and aRithmatic – new parents still associate learning with long hours staring at books and scribbling numbers. But new research and theories of education have begun to uncover that l…Read More

  7. Claudia Runs Chicago Marathon

    Hello, my name is Claudia Soria and not only am I an employee here at Toddler Town Daycare Too, my son also attends the center. I have spent many years playing team sports such as Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer. After having my son, Santiago, who is now three, I had to think about how to incorporate fitness back into a busy schedule. I soon realized that committing to anything was next to impos…Read More

  8. Chicago Children’s Museum

    The kids enjoy a trip to the Chicago Children's Museum. Note: Parents of the children on this page have given their consent for their child to be photographed and placed on our website.…Read More