Saint Patrick’s Day can be a fun holiday to celebrate, whether you are Irish or not. Wearing green clothing and accessories, eating green foods, and engaging in activities inspired by Irish tradition are things that everyone can enjoy. Today, we are going to provide you with some St. Paddy’s Day-themed activities that are perfect to do with your preschool-aged child. These activities promote learning and developing, whether it’s socializing, sharing, following directions, or just exercising their creativity.   

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Attend a St. Paddy’s Day Parade

Find a St. Patrick’s Day parade in your area. You can check online or ask family and friends to find one close to you. You and your little one can get all dressed up in green and enjoy Bagpipes, Irish step dancers, and anything else that your parade offers. A parade is a fantastic way to celebrate your St. Patrick’s Day with your preschooler. 

Have a Treasure Hunt

To make a St. Paddy’s Day treasure hunt, get some gold chocolate coins and put them in a black pot-of-gold bucket. They can usually be found in your local supercenter or grocery store around St. Patrick’s Day. Fill the bucket with gold coins and hide it somewhere in the house or around the yard, depending on the weather. You can draw your little one a map or give them clues until they find their pot of gold. You can also include other items in the pot rather than limiting it to only candy. Try putting in a St Patrick’s Day shirt and coloring book so the festivities can last all day. 

Make Shamrock Cookies

Baking is always a fun, and slightly messy, activity to do with your preschooler. You can find shamrock cookie cutters at your local stores during the Saint Patrick’s day season. There may even be a complete cookie decorating set available depending on where you shop that includes cookies, icing, and everything else you’ll need. 

If we are being honest, cookies from scratch always taste the best, and making the dough with your kiddo is half the fun. Choose your favorite recipe for sugar cut-out cookies, and get to baking. Your child can help with the mixing and measuring, the rolling and cutting, and then when the cookies are finished comes the really fun part — the decorating. Make sure you have a few different color icings, including green and some sprinkles or other edible decorations. After you decorate your cookies, you can give them as gifts or just share them with your family and friends. 

Baking with your little one will help them further develop their motor skills, learn how to follow directions, and teach them to clean up as they go. If you want to learn more about how activities and crafts can help your child develop, read the Toddler Town Daycare philosophy, and then enroll your child in daycare, preschool, or kindergarten prep in our Chicago or Evanston location.   

Make a Shamrock Necklace

Crafts are great activities to do with your preschooler, no matter the occasion. They promote motor skills, teach your child how to follow directions, how to share, and help with parent-child bonding. One of our favorite St. Paddy’s Day crafts is to make a shamrock necklace. It’s simple and cute, and you and your child can wear them all day long. 

Making shamrocks out of paper can be done with a similar technique as we use when making paper hearts. Fold the paper in half, draw half a shamrock on the seam, cut it out, and then unfold it. You can make shamrocks in all different shades of green and different sizes to use on your necklace. When you have enough shamrocks cut out, punch a hole through the top of the shamrock and string them together on a ribbon to make your necklace.  

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