1. Taking Care of You!

    Here are just a few more examples of how we take care of our parents! We know your time is precious, and delays can be frustrating. At the Toddler Town front counter, you'll find helpful local weather conditions, and up-to-date road reports, to help you better plan your day!…Read More

  2. Recycled Crayons

    If you have kids, you know you have some broken or 'too small to use' crayons somewhere in your house.  From our 10 classrooms at Toddler Town, we used to have a LOT of leftover crayons! I felt bad about dumping them in the garbage cans until I found a few articles on Pinterest about how to recycle them. The first time I did this little project was for Valentine’s Day. I put them in a goody …Read More

  3. Yummy Summer Treats!

    Summer and Popsicles!!! I don’t know what I like more, a warm summer day or a nice fruity, refreshing popsicle! While I was trying to figure out what to do with the leftover fruit from my fridge and many nights spent on Pinterest I came up with this simple recipe. I’m all for simple and healthy eats and this can’t be easier and healthier for your kids and not only in the summer time but all …Read More

  4. Claudia Runs Chicago Marathon

    Hello, my name is Claudia Soria and not only am I an employee here at Toddler Town Daycare Too, my son also attends the center. I have spent many years playing team sports such as Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer. After having my son, Santiago, who is now three, I had to think about how to incorporate fitness back into a busy schedule. I soon realized that committing to anything was next to impos…Read More

  5. Chicago Children’s Museum

    The kids enjoy a trip to the Chicago Children's Museum. Note: Parents of the children on this page have given their consent for their child to be photographed and placed on our website.…Read More

  6. Budget Funds Advocacy

    Back in 2012 when budget funds were short from the state level, I was compelled to write to advocate for the ones without a voice....our children! Dear Governor & Legislators, We were recently made aware that the state does not have funds to pay childcare providers for the month of April, May and June. The devastation this would cause is unthinkable; what are parents supposed to do?? Take 3…Read More

  7. Action for Children Rally

    On May 16, 2012 Toddler Town and Toddler Town Too attended the Action for Children rally in Springfield.  Hundreds of parents and child care providers, including the Toddler Town family, throughout Illinois gathered at the State Capitol to support the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP). The rally was protesting against proposed cuts of about $85 million effective July 1st.  These cuts would me…Read More