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In today’s blog, we are going to discuss a few fun holiday projects that you can do at home with your little one to celebrate the 2020 holiday season while also continuing their development and education. Continue reading to learn more and if you are searching for an educational daycare or preschool in Chicago or Evanston, look no further than Toddler Town Daycare. Contact our team today to schedule a tour of our child care facilities. 

Holiday-Themed Arts and Crafts Projects

While arts and crafts are a fun year-round activity, there are really some great ones that you can do with your little one during the holiday season. From creating decorations to put around your home to decorating stockings or making ornaments, there are plenty of holiday arts and crafts ideas to keep you and your preschooler busy all holiday season long. 

Baking Holiday Treats

While some holiday traditions may have been off-railed by the pandemic, baking isn’t one of them. You may want to consider baking a bit fewer cookies and confections this year as you won’t be able to safely hand them out to all of your neighbors and friends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bake and decorate some cookies with your preschooler for your family to enjoy at home.

Decorating the Home for the Holidays

Although we may not be able to visit all of the places that we usually would during the holiday season this year, we can create a winter wonderland in our own homes to help set the stage for a wonderful celebration. Your little one will love helping to decorate the home. You can use this time to tell them the stories behind some of your more sentimental decorations and to allow them to make some new ones of their own.

Sharing Holiday Storytime

There are so many stories focused around the holiday season about sharing, appreciating what you have, and spending time with your family. Choose some of your personal favorites and read them with your preschooler this year. Storytime is a great way to spend time together and set a positive example for your little one.

Signing Holiday-Themed Songs

The holiday season comes with its own set of carols and songs. Your preschooler will love learning the words to these songs and you can choose the ones that send the message you want your little one to learn about the holiday season. You can also pair your singing with some dancing if you want to get really festive and to help your toddler to hone their gross motor skills. 

Wrapping Holiday Presents for Family Members

While wrapping holiday presents may not sound as fun as singing carols or arts and crafts projects, it is still an activity that your little one will love to be involved in and will help them with their fine motor skills. Just make sure your preschooler knows how to keep a secret if they’re helping to wrap presents for their siblings! 

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We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog post and that it provides plenty of fun activities for you to engage in with your preschooler. At Toddler Town Daycare, we understand how important it is for your little one to participate in creative activities that help them to grow their motor skills, creative thinking skills, and problem-solving skills. That’s why we utilize a combination of classroom lessons and scheduled free time to provide your child with a fun and educational preschool experience. If you’re searching for a daycare or preschool in Chicago or Evanston, contact Toddler Town Daycare today and schedule a tour of our facilities.