The ability to socialize is one of the many reasons that parents enroll their children in daycare. Aside from the newly found free time to run errands and catch up on life, daycare is a great way for kids to get familiar interacting with children their own age. After a while, they become familiar with the setting and their peers, making it so much easier during the drop-off process. If, however, you’re looking for additional ways to socialize your child, know that there are countless options you can take advantage of! 

In today’s blog, the team at Toddler Town Daycare in Chicago is going to cover a few of the things that you can do to provide your child with additional time to socialize. Let’s dive in.


One of the easiest ways to socialize your little one is by scheduling playdates with children around their age. Whether you choose to do this with cousins, neighborhood kiddos, or friends that also have children, this is a great way for them to interact with children in a setting other than a daycare. With that in mind, this type of socialization is a great way to show that the lessons taught in daycare (sharing, manners, etc.) transfer to all interactions.

Music Classes

A more recent method of socialization for toddlers that we are seeing quite a bit of these days are interactive music classes. These classes are entirely designed for parents and toddlers to participate in, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed if you have zero experience or knowledge about music. The goal of these programs is often to expose children to music and instruments in a fun and social setting. 

Swim Lessons

Another great class setting that parents will use to socialize their children is swim lessons. Yes, learning to swim is the underlying purpose of these classes, but play is also a big part of these classes. So, when your little one attends a swim lesson, be it a mommy and me or individual lesson, they are given the opportunity to socialize with their peers, potentially get comfortable with some additional time away from parents, learn how to swim, and develop an understanding of respecting an instructor. This option is loaded with benefits!

Enroll in Toddler Town Daycare

If you haven’t already enrolled your toddler in daycare, it’s time to do so! Even if you’re a stay at home parent, daycare gives your child the chance to socialize and gives you the opportunity to have some “me time”. Take a minute to learn about our daycare facility curriculum and our philosophy. If you’re interested in learning more or would like some assistance with enrollment, contact our team, and we would be more than happy to help you!