The holidays are quickly approaching, which means that it’s officially time to start scrambling around the house! Between cleaning for guests that will be in town and wrapping those last minute gifts, having something to keep your little one busy is a blessing! The team at Toddler Town Daycare in Chicago is always welcoming little ones to stop by and visit while you go out and finish up your errands! But, in the case that you need to keep them preoccupied at home, we’ve taken some time to create a list of fun holiday crafts that your kiddo can work on while you tidy up the kitchen or finish up your grocery list. 

DIY Christmas Ornament

If you have a tree that is loaded with ornaments, and your child loves getting the chance to help you decorate it, a homemade ornament is a fantastic craft for them to start with. The best part about this craft is that you can customize it to their particular age and abilities! Aside from that, this ornament will forever be something that you can look back on and remember them at this age. Now, as we said a minute ago, you can make this craft age specific so there’s a bit of a range in what your kiddo can do. Whether you want to stick to popsicle sticks and glue or you know they could handle some glass bulb ornaments, you decide. 

Check out these homemade ornament tutorial videos!

Paper Snowflakes

A classic holiday craft that we’ve all made at one time or another are paper snowflakes. The best thing about this craft is that it requires very little preparation and can be done time and time again with different results each time. All you need are some plain white pieces of paper and safety scissors. The first few snowflakes might require some assistance, but once your little one gets the hang of it, they’ll be off creating a winter wonderland of snowflakes for you.

Gingerbread House

Another craft that is known for being a holiday and child favorite are tasty gingerbread houses! This particular craft might require a bit more assistance from an adult or older child, so take that into consideration before you settle on this particular craft. If that’s not a problem, this is most definitely something that you should do with your kiddo. Some freshly baked gingerbread walls and an arrangement of candy and frosting are all that you and your child need to build the gingerbread house of your dreams. The best part about this craft is that it can quickly become a family tradition and is sure to be something your child remembers for the rest of their life.

Need Some Extra Time to Yourself?

Toddler Town Daycare in Chicago fully understands that this time of year can get crazy. If you find that you need a little bit of extra time to get the gifts wrapped or to tackle cleaning the house, contact our office. We will do our best to try and squeeze your kiddo in so that you can get your to-do list done! And, if we don’t see you or your little one in the next couple of weeks, have a happy holiday and happy new year!