Welcome back to the two-part series by Toddler Town Daycare where we are covering the various things that you should be looking for when searching for the right daycare facility. In our last blog post, we covered four of the factors that you should be looking into when narrowing down your options.

While those four points are all extremely important, there was no way for us to cover all of the essential factors that play a part in finding the perfect daycare facility. In today’s blog, we will cover four additional points that will help narrow down your options and make it easier to find the ideal daycare facility. Let’s get started.


The lessons that your child will be taught is definitely something that you should look into. As we mentioned in our last blog post, both daycare and preschool are the time where children are able to develop the foundation for their education later on. Unfortunately, not all daycares are going to offer a curriculum that touches on these points, which is precisely why you need to look into them.

The curriculum that the daycare you choose should have some reason as to why they’ve chosen those particular lessons. Whether they’re aimed at helping your child prepare for kindergarten or the activities have proven to advance and develop social skills, you want to ensure that the facility you choose has reasoning behind the lessons that they’re teaching your child.

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One of the best ways to determine whether or not a facility is going to provide you with a quality experience is by looking at the reviews that they’ve acquired. Reviews happen when people are both extremely pleased with the experience that they’ve had as well as when they’re extremely disappointed with their experience. If you want to get an idea of what previous customers have said about a particular facility, their online reviews are a great place to look.

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Trial Day

If there’s a daycare that you’re particularly interested in, it’s always worth looking into whether or not they offer a trial day. Trial days won’t often come at an additional cost, so why not take advantage of them? These days are a fantastic way to get a glimpse of what a day at the daycare facility would be like, how comfortable your child is with the staff, and how they react to a day spent at the center.

Daily Schedule

Every daycare facility is going to have a different daily schedule for the children at their facility. Similar to why you should ask about the curriculum at a facility, learning about the daily schedule will give you a glimpse as to what your child is going to be doing while at daycare. In some instances, the daily schedule matters to parents because they’re looking to get their child on an eating or sleeping routine. In other instances, the different parts of a daily schedule may ensure that your child is spending their day doing things that matter to you. Be that physical activity, social interaction, or playtime, it’s always good to look into how your child is spending their day.

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