1. Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

    Toddler Town Daycare wants you to know we are partners in your child’s development and education. It's why we created our blog page. Here you'll find Arts and Crafts that can be done at home, healthy and easy recipes for the family, birthday, party, and family fun event suggestions, green ideas for your home, and ways that parents can save money. Make sure you check it out often!…Read More

  2. October Newsletters

    October is certainly a fun month here at Toddler Town, especially for the students! If your kiddo is at either our Evanston or Chicago daycare centers, they are in for a treat — and hopefully no tricks! Many of our classrooms will be having special fall festivities occurring such as feasts or Halloween activities. Students will learn about the changing seasons, pumpkins, the history of Halloween…Read More

  3. How to Choose the Best Daycare Near Me

    Have you been searching for “the best daycare near me”? If so, it’s time to consider what you should look for in a daycare. Considering the environment, the teachers, and the location are all great places to start. Today, we are going to help guide you through the process of finding the best daycare in Chicago. Continue reading to learn more. Toddler Town Daycare is a child care center that …Read More

  4. 5 Benefits of Imaginative and Creative Play at Your Child Care Center

    Creative and imaginative play is the way that children learn. It’s how they develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and learn how to communicate with others. It teaches them how to think critically and creatively depending upon what the situation requires. Creative and imaginative play helps children to understand the world around them and is the beginning of their development to adulthood.…Read More

  5. August Newsletters

    August is such a fun time at Toddler Town, your Evanston and Chicago daycare centers! We have many former students who are starting BIG school and we are welcoming lots of new kiddos for the beginning of the traditional school year! During August, many of our classrooms are learning about nature and spending time outside before the fall weather begins to cool the air. Each age group will continue …Read More

  6. June 23 Update

    Dear Parents of Toddler Town Daycare - Finally, we can say that we will be opening our centers again as of Wednesday, July 1, 2020. We have spent the last few weeks preparing and writing our reopening plans and guidelines required by DCFS. We apologize in advance that you have not received this information sooner from us. The reason for the delay is because DCFS and local and state Departments hav…Read More

  7. June 17 Update

    Hello All, We wanted to just update you and let you know that we are still on track to open as of July 1 or July 6 - It will more than likely be July 1, 2020. However, DCFS is changing their original guidelines of reopening that were originally given to us as of June 1, 2020. This is the reason for the delay that we have not reached out to you on who will be able to return, they are considering of…Read More

  8. COVID-19 June Update

    Dear Parents, We understand there are many questions and concerns about the future of programming and when the center will be opening. Most importantly,we are waiting for the Governor’s Office and DCFS to reinstate our early care and education license. The only operable childcare licenses at this point are programs providing emergency care to first responders and essential workers. All other chi…Read More

  9. COVID-19 May 28 Update

    Dear Parents, Many of you are hearing that childcare centers are allowed to open in Phase 3 which in the suburbs is May 29th and in Chicago it is June 3rd and that is partially correct. However we are not allowed to open our doors until we have been re-approved to do so under a new set of guidelines and limited capacity through the state of Illinois and the Department of Children and Family Servic…Read More

  10. Children’s Summer Quarantine Activities

    We understand how difficult it has been these past few months for everyone, and now that summer is here, many of us have had to cancel plans and vacations due to COVID and the Illinois Shelter in Place Order. While we know it can be disappointing and disheartening, we also understand that this is how we all stay safe and safety has always been our number-one priority.  In this blog post, we are g…Read More

  11. COVID-19 FAQ by Parents

    Dear Parents, we just wanted to reach out to you with some updates along with a list of questions that we have been receiving from families. We wanted to let you know that we are working with many different organizations from the City, State and Federal level along with working closely with the CDC and local health departments to respond as quickly as possible to the latest guidance and direction …Read More