A present that is made by your kids is the best Birthday present you can get!!! I was thinking for the longest time just what I should buy my husband for his 40th Birthday.

One day while my kids were painting with finger-paints on a big piece of paper I remembered that I have a few canvases just sitting in my office. I took them out and let the children have fun! Even I couldn’t resist so I added my hand and footprints too!!!

When we were done outside, the “party” moved inside! They drew all over the construction paper, and I cut out 40 hearts!

We made 2 paintings. The smaller one with the children’s hand-prints cut out of old drawings ended up in Daddy’s office. The rest of the art work along with photos of the children creating the art was framed and it ended up on a wall between the kids’ bedrooms.

Now when we go to pick them up in the morning or put them to sleep at night this is what we are looking at!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you!
Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you!