A Day Care That Ensures Proper Development

Infant Care
Toddler Town Daycare has so much for your child to do!

We are a daycare in Chicago that believes in ensuring the proper mental, physical, and emotional development of your child. By taking an educational approach to preschool, we ensure your child develops age-appropriate socialization skills and provide them with the tools they need to become interested in learning, getting them ready to be successful in kindergarten. Contact us today for more information!

At Toddler Town Daycare, we believe that children thrive by doing and experimenting, so you will find our program to be a very hands-on approach to learning. Each student at our Evanston and Chicago preschools are involved in their own learning.

Our Mission Statement

Toddler Town Daycare is a state-licensed child care center dedicated to providing a safe and happy environment where your children can learn, play, and live together while parents go to work or school.

We balance a physically active program with appropriate intellectual challenges.

Our Child Care Center Focuses On:

Sensory awareness, creative and expressive arts, dramatic play, block building, fine and gross motor skills, language and reading skills, outdoor play, computers, music and movement, science and discovery learning.

Each age group has very different needs, and all of our teachers are experienced in handling these needs to ensure our two-year-olds are ready to continue on in our program and our five and six-year-olds are ready for kindergarten next year. Each child and age group has different needs, and our amazing team of teachers and assistants ensures those needs are met at our curriculum-based preschool.

Helping Your Child Explore

Toddler Town Daycare is always committed to enhancing your child’s development, which is why we always keep our daycare centers stocked with arts and crafts, manipulatives, toys and games!

We like being prepared so we are constantly adding to our amazing stockpile of supplies.

We also believe in having resources available for today’s parents, whether it is questions about potty training or something more specific about your child’s development.

Please feel free to visit our lending library for parents and check out our monthly tips for parents of preschool-aged kids! The information and suggestions you learn may just help make a big difference, or even better, eliminate stress!